Biography Edit

Blossom was born to Cerise, a young Dryad, and her lover Anfalen Drayleth deep in the forest outside Kusora. Anfalen, being a carpenter fashioned a simple home in the branches of a tree near the great pink cherry tree Cerise called home and together they lived there for a time. Anfalen only confided in one person about his love and child, his brother, Darfalen. However, his brother was outraged, for elves very highly valued their pure race, to admit to mating with another race was blasphemy. He followed his brother through the night back to the forest, intent on ending his brother's shameful behavior. While the family slept, Darfalen quietly crept up to Cerise's tree and ignited it. Cerise began to scream and Anfalen lept from bed, seeing the flame from the window and hte silhouette of his brother below.    

With Axe in hand and tearful eyes he confronted his brother next to the pyre. "Why did you do this" he screamed, flailing the axe. But his brother remained calm and deftly moved between the frenzied strikes and planted a dagger deep in his brother's gut.

Cerise, who had been watching from their small home, fought the agonizing pain and rushed to her dying love's side.  Anfalen looked into his brothers eyes and then to his love as they both drew their final breaths.    

Darfalen turned his eyes to the small home where a baby cried, alone. He took one step, then another, and on the third step he heard a mighty thud that shook the earth. A great wind rushed through the trees, exinguishing the burning tree and driving him to the ground.    

Roots sprang up from the ground on their own and began to wrap him up as a giant figure emerged from behind the burnt tree. Arnor, a great ent and Cerise's friend, had come to stop the fire. Slowly the roots began to drag Darfalen into the ground, and Arnor spoke, "You who have harmed this place,... shall now feed it."    

Arnor reached up into the small house, extending a branch to cradle the small babe. He resolved to raise to raise the child, for his lost friend whom he was too late to save.    

 Blossom grew up with no knowledge of her parents. She was told she appeared out of thin air and on a whim Arnor decided to raise her. She learned much about the natural world, and the circle of life and death. She loved to adventure and frequently hunted for her meals, selling any excess in nearby Kusora.

 One day, she went to Kusora to sell the forest's bounty and buy clothes(and some sweet cake, her favorite) when she happened upon a fair skinned, lithe woman lying in a fountain. Coming closer, she could see that the woman had a long, scaled tail curling around the fountain.

"Hi there!" she said, startling the strange woman. "Aaaah" she screamed for a moment, "Wh-wh-who are you?" she asked, half-hiding below the edge of the fountain.

"I'm Blossom! who are you? how did you get here? We're a ways from the sea here, What are you doing here?" she rattled off, rapid-fire.

Startled by so many questions at once she hesitated. "I-I'm Yofie, Yofie Neredya. I, uh,...walked here. I-I'm just trying to find a quiet place to relax. B-But now I'm out of magic so my legs are gone."    

"Wowie! You can have legs OR a tail?! Thats bonkers! You want a quiet place? I know the best one! Its right near here by my house come o-" she paused, only just recalling Yofie's lack of legs.    

Yofie chimed in during the pause, "O-o-oh gosh a-are you sure? I mean no way i just met you b-but that sounds great but I'm stuck here" Blossom gasped for a long moment before coming very close to Yofie's face, causing her to look away but not move.    

"I know! I'll just carry you!" she stated with a soft smile.    

"Wai-wai-wai-wait" Yofie's protest went unheard as Blossom reached into the fountain and lifted Yofie up with a hearty grunt.    

Yofie held tight to Blossom during the walk, nearly breaking into tears each time a twig snapped, terrified of being left flopping around on the ground in the middle of the woods.     Eventually they came to a large clearing hosting a giant cherry tree, a treehouse, and a crystal clear pond.    

"Let's Jump In!" Blossom yelled as she loosed her ahir with a quick tug and crouched down.    

"Wha-wai-n-aaaaaah" Yofie yelled as Blossom jumped some thirty feet into the air. At the Apex of the jump she could see the sun setting on the horizon just over the treeline.     Breaching the pond triumphantly with a cheer, Blossom moved to shallower water and sat down.

"Much better than that fountain, huh?!" she called out to Yofie, who was still underwater.

Yofie popped out of the water, wide-eyed with a huge grin. "Oh my gosh, that was amazing! I've never been that high up before! I've never dove like that before! I've never swum in natural fresh water like this! Aaaaah" she squealed and swam over to Blossom in the shallows.

"Oh no, your clothes are all w-wet," she said quietly as she returned to her shyer self.     "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha" rang out Blossom's laugh. "I don't mind at all! they needed a bit of a wash anyhow! Ha Ha!"

Covering her mouth as she snickered, Yofie looked down into the water as fireflies began to light the grove. Blossom hopped up out of the water and stripped on the shore.     "You hungry? she called back over her naked shoulder"

Yofie was mortified, a stranger just stripped all her clothes off in front of her. But she couldn't look away either. Blossom hung her clothes over a nearby line and turned to Yofie.

"Well? are you hungry or not?" Blossom called out again, snapping Yofie out of her daze and causing her stomache to growl loud enough to hear several feet away.

"Ha Ha Ha, I'll take that as a yes. Hold on. I've got some stuff here." She chuckled and climbed up to the treehouse. "Ah, Here we go. prefect for dessert"

"Dessert?" Yofie Protested, "B-but there's been no dinner?"

"Ha Ha, don't worry so much. Just thought I'd grab something ready while dinner actually cooks." Blossom called down. Appearing on the balcony, now wrapped in a towel and holding a plate she lept down to the ground, the plate not tipping an inch on landing.

Sitting down on the edge of the pond and resting her feet in the water, Blossom held out a plate holding a rather large piece of sweet velvet cake, and two forks.

"Here, try some! It's one of my favorites!" Blossom touted and held out to Yofie, who took a cautionary bite. When the cake hit her tongue her face lit up.

"Wow! Its so soft and fluffy and sweet and delicious!" Yofie proclaimed, grabbing another large bite. Blossom laughed and joined in and the cake was gone within moments.

Dinner was a hearty meat stew. After eating Yofie was able to regain her legs and come inside, Yofie talked about her life as a performer and Blossom about her life in the wilderness, and after some time, they fell asleep.

The next day, Yofie returned to the sea, stating she had a lot of work to get back to. Blossom walked with her out to the coast at Pwani Beach. Yofie promised to return and visit again, and that she did.

Yofie and Blossom became good friends and eventual lovers. Several times a year Yofie would take vacations from her busy life and stay with Blossom in her house by the pond. Blossom didnt mind the distance, it made the time they spent together even more incredible. She loved making Yofie smile and laugh.

She would have liked to see Yofie's home one day, but it wasn't feasible. She would sometimes see Posters of Yofie(aside from the one she kept at home) posted around Kusora when Yofie was performing at the beach. She went to all the shows to listen to Yofie's beautiful singing and watch her dance.

Blossom still goes on adventures in the forest, Yofie even sometimes goes along, finding old ruins and searching for treasure. Yofie even bought her some armor and a weapon to defend herself after she came back pretty beaten up one day.

Abilities Edit

Magic Powers Edit

  • Photosynthesis
  • Hydrosynthesis
  • Botanokinesis

Innate Abilities Edit

  • Empathic Connection - Nature
  • Charm Magic Resistance
  • Low-Light Vision
  • High Jump 3
  • Longetivity 1

Restrictions Edit

Skills Edit

  • Harpistry
  • Botany
  • Pathfinding
  • Tracking
  • Hunting

Knowledge Edit

  • Flora 5